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Maca Vitae® is an INKANATURA trademark that guarantees the authentic Andean maca, imported directly from the Peruvian highlands (departments of Junin 4500 meters of altitude) where maca’s reputation was born. There grows the best and authentic maca.

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Nutritional Profile

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Maca: Nutritional Profile
Maca has been used and venerated by native Peruvians for being an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals. Living in the highlands is tough, oxygen is scarce and the living conditions are difficult. Maca has been their natural source of Iron needed for the blood production and oxygen transportation within the body, that’s why maca has been very useful for the adaptation of the Incas to the high altitudes.

The researches made on Maca have demonstrated its huge amounts of nutritive elements like a rich variety of minerals (iron, sodium, calcium...), vitamins (B1, B2, E ...), amino acids.

Vitamins: Maca has a rich variety of vitamins in its composition; that's why many people take it as a nutritive complement. Among the vitamins found in maca, we have: vitamin B1, B2, B, C, E ...

Thiamine- B1: This vitamin convert blood sugar to energy (co-enzyme) - very active people like sportsmen need specially this vitamin for efficient nutrient absorption from food. This vitamin will also help you feel more active and have more energy for your day to day living.

Riboflavin-B2: Helps body release energy from protein/carbohydrates/fat, and to cope better with stressful situations; essential to life. Lack of HCl leads to inefficient B2 absorption.

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