Maca History

Maca vitae® is a trade mark that identifies our maca raw material; guarateeing the quality of our products. We work directly with peruvian farmers in order to have the original maca powder from Peru. (lepidium meyenii)

Maca vitae®” comes from the lands of the “meseta del Bombon”, – Junin (Peruvian Andes), where maca reputation was born.

maca roots.

We go to the Andean mountines frequently to assure the best quality of our products.

Maca roots are selected and naturally dried. Roots are left on the land to be dried by the sun.

Maca is an authentic gift from the gods for the peruvian farmers who from the Inca’s period until now continue to benerate this authentic gift (maca).

Maca has been used and venerated by native Peruvians for being an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals. Living in the highlands is tough, oxygen is scarce and the living conditions are difficult. Maca has been their natural source of Iron needed for the blood production and oxygen transportation within the body, that’s why maca has been very useful for the adaptation of the Incas to the high altitudes.

– Lepidium meyenii (Maca) improved semen parameters in adult men.

– Lepidium Meyenii (MACA) effect on sexual desire and its absent relation with serum testosterone levels in adult healthy men: After 4 weeks of treatment, two men treated in placebo group reported an increase on sexual desire (16.6%) meanwhile…

Dr. Hugo Malaspina, one of the most important doctors in Peru working with MACA, assures that the treatment with MACA on menopausal states is successful in about 95% of cases…

Maca History

In early times (1600 b.C), maca was appreciated not only as nutritious food, but also as a gift of the gods along with corn and potatoes. Mountain Raco in Junín was considered the god of stewed food. In its honour, the natives buried potatoes and maca there among other offerings. Maca also was used in beverages with hallucinogenic products in dances and religious ceremonies (Castro de León 1990). Today in the local markets it is advertised as an aphrodisiac, stamina-builder and fertility-promoter. It is also often promoted as a cure for rheumatism, respiratory ailments and as a laxative. Dried maca roots are ground to power and sold in drugstores in capsules as a medicine and food supplement to increase stamina and fertility. Because of these putative virtues, maca is also known by the name of Peruvian ginseng (Rea 1992). (Read more here)


90 capsules of maca vitae
360 capsules of maca Vitae
maca powder premium 240gr
Liquid maca extract (10:1 concentration)

INKAnatura is a multicultural company having as a principle aim to link ancient liveway of Andean and Amazonian world with European countries. We are aware of the richness and diversity in Andean and Amazonian nature, its nutritious heritage and its healthy habits.  web

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